Warning: Never bank-in money to employer. Any job that requested deposit is SCAM. UPal do not allow employer to request deposit from jobseeker.        PERHATIAN: Jangan melakukan sebarang transaksi wang ke mana-mana pihak majikan. Jika didapati berlaku sedemikian, maka itu adalah PENIPUAN! UPaL tidak akan membenarkan mana-mana majikan untuk meminta bayaran pendahuluan daripada pencari kerja.

What is UPal?

UPal is a Short Term Jobs Platform that efficiently matches employer with job seekers who need a part time. We present a community of 15,000+ part time students and young graduates. Whether you are an employer that wants the most efficient way to get a part timer, an employer that need a temporarily extra helping hands or employer who tries to help out the youngster in our community to earn extra income - UPal is the partner for you.

Hire the Best

UPal represent a community of 15,000+ part time students and young graduates.

Each UPal part timer passes through a tailored process of formation, which comprises of:

Identity Verification

All applicants are passed through for identity verification

General Training

All applicants need to go thru all general training before start to work

Account Suspension

Suspend Applicant's that fail to show up or missed their shift

Smart & Accurate Filter

Only genuine & matched criteria jobseeker can apply your job

Our Pricing Plan

No hidden charges. Reasonable price. Premium Services

Post Job FREE

At UPal, job posting is totally FREE!

Charges will only be imposed when you wish to message applicant, highlight jobs, feature jobs and bump up your jobs.

Instant Part Timer Hiring

Skip all the steps and get part timers instantly ? Try UPal's premier offline recruitment service now !

How Employer Works ?

We priotise time, efficiency and consistency.

They use UPal

UPal supports 2100+ companies, whenever they need extra support for a few hours to several weeks.


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