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Pierre Blanche Capital Sdn Bhd

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Pierre Blanche Capital Sdn Bhd

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Pierre Blanche Capital Sdn Bhd, frequently shortened as PBC, was incorporated in 2017. PBC is an emerging investment management firm with expertise in financial strategies. The company was formed by a group of individuals who possess vast experience and expertise in their respective fields including corporate finance, corporate tax, corporate strategy, management accounting, external audit, organisational development, Corporate & Commercial Law, Investor Relations, Fundraising. Here at PBC, the idea is simple – we partner with budding entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders, and we are comfortable with working something out from zero, working extremely hard together through the valley of the imperfection of a venture in order to ensure that all common goals and objectives are achievable, sustainable. OUR PHILOSOPHY PBC’s competitive edge includes a highly trained and experienced team of professionals, a regional investment platform, and a unified investment philosophy. Our investment philosophy consists of five principles – risk control, value investing, specialisation, market inefficiency, and analytics which is complemented by a set of core business principles that articulate PBC’s commitment towards excellence in investment. As a rule of thumb, we make investments according to the following attributes: • Significantly good value. • Simple, straightforward and predictable businesses. • Constant profitability with high returns on capital and cash inflows. • Favourable long term investment comes with reinvestment/diversification prospects. • Shareholder friendly management. With consistent application of our investment philosophy and business principles, PCB has earned a number of distinguished partners, associates, and clients, and still counting.

Why Join Us

We empowering staff be our partner and grow as a team. Keys benefits: 1. ESBI Transformation Programme We groom all our staff become partners and gain partly of the profits and equity by their contribution 2. Design your life and Career We treat all staff as partner. By follow the dream of staff, we design a career path to help them to meet their goal. 3. Self Planning We allow our staff prepare the schedule by he/she own.

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