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Alphacap Berhad

Information Technology  |  Selangor, Malaysia

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Alphacap Berhad

Information Technology  |  Selangor, Malaysia

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Company Description

Alphacap is a Malaysia-based tech startup incubator and early-stage investor and — an ecosystem builder. Alpha Capital democratizes seed capital to support Responsible Entrepreneurship. We believe building great companies consist of 3 fundamental pillars: 1. Entrepreneurial 2. Leadership 3. Expertise Entrepreneur is a domain expert and a leader who is willing to take on both the risks and responsibilities to build an ecosystem in a particular industry. Alpha Capital understand that responsible entrepreneurial spirit is a scarce resources akin raw diamond. A diamond cutter and best craftsmanship is required to cut and polish to unleash its value. Incubating and cultivating Great Entrepreneurship Spirits will create a meritorious cycle of more good fortune harmonious world and humanity. As an incubator, we work alongside extraordinary entrepreneurs, offering them our years of expertise and experience in building and managing tech companies so that they are able to continuously expand their capacity needed to build successful companies. At Alphacap, we put a strong emphasis on cultivating good corporate governance and sound financial & capital knowledge in our startups because these are key elements crucial for a company’s sustainable growth and long-term success. As an investor, we are passionate in supporting exceptional entrepreneurs with innovative technologies, big total addressable market (TAM) and unique scalable business models that are poised to usher in a new phase of innovation. We typically invest in pre-seed and seed rounds, and are open to both leading and co-investing with other investors. As an organisation, we believe in the power of a dynamic ecosystem. In today’s highly interconnected world, companies can no longer work in solo as they depend greatly on each other to grow and succeed. Therefore, we work closely with other ecosystem players, startups, investors, government agencies and corporates, with an ambition to build the largest digital funding ecosystem in Southeast Asia, where resources and network are made easily accessible to everyone. Since our inception in 2015, a total of 33 companies invested and successfully raised seed funding through our incubation programs. Our portfolios are made up of startups in high growth verticals, such as virtual reality, logistics, travel tech, consumer tech, and enterprise solutions. We have also built an extensive network of investors and startup ecosystem players spanning 10 countries across several continents, including Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Alphacap is helmed by a team of highly motivated individuals who have deep expertise in venture building, corporate finance, corporate structure engineering and business development. With the work we do, not only do we want to help our entrepreneurs build legendary companies, we also aim to create a positive economic impact for the communities in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Information Technology

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22-3 Jalan Puteri 1/5 , Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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