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Printing  |  Kedah, Malaysia

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Printing  |  Kedah, Malaysia

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Company Description

We are one of the biggest printing and packaging solutions providers to domestic and overseas market. Products ranging from business documents such as flyers, posters, form, ticket, stickers, envelope, money packet, to packaging box, for food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry.

Why Join Us

Company Culture – Respect for People We respect all individuals and everyone in Thunder Print, including our cleaning lady, our locals operators and our Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar workers. A great workplace, is always made better if you respect each and everyone and enjoy good relationship with your colleagues. Opportunities To Improve Yourself We believe strongly in continuous skill development, you will have many valuable chances to undergo training either on the job or be selected to train under professional trainers on technical and non-technical skill sets. We provide free training, to potential employee, in developing their personal and leadership development to the next level of performance. Learning is not merely through classroom training, we believe “We Learn 1 new thing each day”, through our real life working experience and through other people mistakes or success. One of the way to improve our self, is to always do self check and compare ourselves “am I better today, compare yesterday”? Career Growth opportunity “We Practice Promote From Within Organizations” We hire ordinary people and talented people too. We witness many ordinary people, who had passion in what they do, being promoted to a higher position after they put in tireless efforts, hard work and their strong determination to push themselves to become a better person. Example, from a Sales Clerk to Branch manager, from an operator become supervisor, from DTP Assistant become DTP Manager, from executive becomes now head of departments. And the story never ends here. In Thunder Print, “anything is possible, if you wanted to grow”. Opportunities To Enjoy A Balanced Work Life You’ll enjoy working with us as we take work life balance seriously. We offer all employees the use of our in-house Sports Center, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from our headquarters in Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani. From badminton to gym, basketball, or yoga to zumba, you’ll find just the right sporting activity to help you unwind after work. Conducive Working Environment The management of Thunder Print always keep improving and providing better work environment for everyone, example office renovation to cater for business expansion and to suits the Gen-Y lifestyle. Not only that, company provide Free Coffee @ Semut Cafe. We serve Long Black, Americcano, Cappuccino, Latte! Objectives of Semut Cafe To provide an alternative work location shared (kongsi) by members, with the aim of enhancing work flexibility, creativity & productivity. “Semut Cafe” is new shared work location enable members to work in "free" style, (coffee / tea / music / dart / pool) without needing to worry about disturbing other peers. It comes with creative and cozy surroundings to allow idea to spark, and suitable for work as lone ranger, small group discussion of lesser than 5, inviting non member for pep talk, or any activities associates with cafe objectives. Why 'Semut' Cafe? How the name was born? Observe the 'semut koloni', you will found that they are like one big family, leaving under one roof, work hard to fend for their colony, to provide shelter and food, day and night. Each have their own role to play, e.g army to look for food, queen to lay eggs, etc. They help each others, having great teamwork. These is in line with the the desire company culture and values. Anyhow, when you are at Semut Cafe, just be yourself, cheers! Company Welfare Benefits a. Group Medical Insurance Benefits The company do provide free group medical insurance protection benefits to employees, such as accident and hospitalization medical benefits, to provide peace of mind to employees, in the event untoward incident happen to the employees. b. Company Annual Dinner & or Company Trip We strongly believe in teamwork, therefore we always celebrate success together. We always ensure our annual dinner and trip activity is full of fun, unique and precisely planned and prepared, to ensure we deliver happiness to employee, in celebrating the success of their hard work. In summary, We Care Our People: Competent People is Our Most Valuable asset Our philosophy is to Deliver Happiness to our employee Q: What type of people we are looking for and interested in?” “We are hunger for the right minded people to join our team. We are interested in people who had the ability to get things done fast or better yet, completed ahead of deadlines, always think ahead and doing what needs to be done without being asked, not being afraid to fail but still thinking before acting, people who are creative and innovative, people who supports and thank each other, who producing quality works, willing to work extra hard, and go beyond what is expected” Susan Owi, Culture Manager

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