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Rhombus Connexion Group

Food & Beverage  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Rhombus Connexion Group

Food & Beverage  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Company Description

As one of Malaysia’s fastest growing F&B conglomerate, RCX owns and operates more than 19 brands with over 50 outlets regionally. The Group’s footprints includes Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Myanmar. In line with its mission to nurture talents and empower entrepreneurs, RCX’s sustainable ecosystem encompasses important pillars that contribute to the overall growth in the F&B industry. These pillars include Education (F+B Academy), Brand and Marketing and Food Production. RCX completes the ecosystem for its F&B retail and pillars through its Shared Services of Corporate Strategy, Legal, Human Resource, Finance and Technology department. All business units under the Group is entitled to these Services, which plays a vital role in the brand expansion. RCX’s organic and inorganic growth strategy sees the organisation moving towards greater partnerships with more F&B entrepreneurs as well as replicating its ecosystem regionally.

Why Join Us

1. Employees are encouraged to contribute and share their ideas to help the company gain success. 2. Employees will get unique opportunities to learn a variety of skills. 3. Plenty of opportunity to grow as a pioneer in our industry. 4. Flexible working hours give employees a healthy work life balance. 5. Work is more visible and employees get noticed faster. 6. Work with many talented and experienced people who can guide in employees career development. 7. Become a part of a large community where employees get a chance to network and build connections.

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Food & Beverage

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501-1000 employees

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