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AY Office System

Retail  |  Selangor, Malaysia

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AY Office System

Retail  |  Selangor, Malaysia

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Company Description

AY Office System is an office equipment supplier in Selangor, Malaysia. It is formed by some office furniture experts and our main motto is to providing our clients with a professional service and the best quality goods. Apart from providing our customers with the best quality furniture, we help them to determine their office furniture requirement. With us, you will get a chance to enjoy a hassle-free delivery and after sales service. In order to acquire more information our service, you can feel free to contact us.

Why Join Us

We are a group of family, we believed that as a member of our family, it is important for us treat you nicely. In here, we are more encouraged on western culture. In some circumstance, we allowed our member to work at work as they have proved themself, they able to finished the job based on the time schedule. This is also one of our key attractive point. Another attractive advantage we have, is clear incentive scheme to let you know why are things you achieved we would give to you, so you can set your target on what you wants. You no need worry on what should I get, how much the bonus you get every year, all of this are clearly stated on the scheme. In a nutshell, we have clear policy you know what to do, nice working environment, this is why you should join Us,

What our business is Doing.

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Small-Medium Enterprize

Company Size

<30 Employees

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Company Address

No 14, Jalan Delima 28, Taman Delima, 42700 Banting, Selangor. (Office Address), Lot 17840 & PT 30624, Mukim Dengkil, 43800 Sepang, Selangor. (Store Address), 42700, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia

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